Sales Team Lead (Jackson, MS)

Submitted Monday, May 15, 2017

Major Goals and Responsibilities

  • Assist manager with various day to day activities (see Essential Activities)
  • Enable manager discretionary time to do additional managerial functions (Stay in A time – recruiting, Sherpa reporting, deal building, data mining etc…)

Products and Services

  • MFPs
  • Software
  • MITS
  • MPS
  • Production/3D/Wide Format

Essential Activities

  • Assist in new rep field training and onboarding
  • Assist in directional rep correction process
  • Team Sherpa liaison
  • Assist manager with sales paperwork
  • Provide E-automate based information when manager is in field
  • Assistance in recruiting

People Managed

  • Team Reps
  • Team Offensive Reps

Location: Jackson, MS
Job Category: Sales

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