Territory Sales Manager (Bristol, VA; Asheville/Winston Salem, NC)

Submitted Monday, June 12, 2017

Major Goals and Responsibilities:

This individual will be responsible for the total equipment revenue budget, developing strategies for gaining competitive business, new product launching and promoting, developing and tracking of sales reps and team leads, conducting quarterly reviews of sales teams, developing sales contests, reviewing and updating sales representatives compensation plans, and assisting with sales strategies within existing accounts.


Products and Services

Copiers, facsimiles, engineering products, printers, scanners, fleet management, document management, facilities management and related service and supplies.


Essential Activities

Establishing strategies and working with sales managers and their personnel.

Account management through sales managers.

Promoting high level recognition and visibility with competitive accounts.


People Managed

Sales Representatives and Managers


Primary People Contacts

Regional Managers                             Sales Personnel

Customers                                             Prospects

Co-workers                                           Leadership


Behavioral Traits, Attitudes and Skills Required

Enthusiastic                                          Aggressive

Creative                                                 Professional

Positive Attitude                                  Team Player

Good Communication Skills             Self-starter

Self-motivated                                     Leader



Prerequisites (i.e. education, experience)

College education and previous management experience in related industry is required.

Previous successful sales management is desired.


Toughest Parts of the Job

Developing a strong sales team and insuring high productivity from each member.

Maintaining high activity level

Working without daily supervision

Covering a large geography with relatively new personel

Recruiting in the large geography

Location: Bristol, VA; Winston Salem, NC; Asheville, NC
Job Category: Sales

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