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Hoteling Office Space

Conduct business in a flexible workspace.

We assist in providing hoteling office space, huddle spaces, conference rooms, and workspace availability planning so business keeps moving ahead.

Hoteling Office Space

Hoteling Office Space

Hoteling office space comes in many forms, but the purpose behind all of them is to help those needing a space to work have one. If your office is needing to limit the number of people working in the building each day, or has more employees than amount of workspace available, we can help facilitate a process that allows employees to check into available office spaces or work areas. When the number of spaces available has been booked for that day using an online check-in system, the remaining staff will be able to easily see that there’s no availability and make other arrangements. Booking can happen same-day or beforehand and operates much like checking into a hotel.

Our teams can help implement this seamless, automated system that doesn’t require additional personnel to check people in at the door.

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