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Managed IT Services

Ensure your network is secure, reliable, and efficient.

Keeping all systems secure and operating at peak efficiency is no small task. Your business relies on up-to-date software, secure networks, and reliable backup. Let our managed IT services experts help.

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managed it services

Managed IT Services

More than ever, small to enterprise-level businesses rely on IT functions to fulfill technology and transformation goals – all to keep their organizations running at top speed. We’ll ensure your network is secure and running smoothly with our four-pillar managed IT approach – plan, protect, secure, and recover.

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Benefits of Our Managed IT Services

Whether your organization has an in-house IT team, uses third-party IT, or doesn’t have an IT specialist yet, our experts can help manage your network and keep you running at top speed. It’s the peace of mind you deserve while running your day-to-day business.

Networking & Security
Let us help keep your network, workstations, servers, network traffic, and your business secure.

Reduce risk and stop threats to your network with a Sophos 30 Day Free Trial.
Monitoring & Automation
Alleviate the burden from your network administrators. we monitor your network and infrastructure 24/7.
Help Desk
For the day-to-day IT challenges that create hurdles for your team, we’re here to help.
IT Consulting
We work with your company to create a strategic IT plan to reach your business goals.
Email Management
We can help improve productivity, communication, and management with a scalable email platform.

Managed Backup & Retrieval
We'll take care of your network downtime immediately, so your systems are restored rapidly.
Disaster Planning & Recovering
This solution provides digital backup storage for security and protects files from disaster.
Server & Storage
We manage your server and store data, along with patching and updating.

Networking and Security

Are you constantly getting spam emails? Are your workstations, servers, and network traffic secure? Do you have anti-ransomware protection? Let us help answer these important questions and find the best solutions to get you the protection and support your business needs.

For a free Network Security 30 Day trial with Sophos hit the link below.

Free 30 Day Trial

Remote Monitoring and Automation

Alleviate the burden from your network administrators. RJ Young monitors your network and infrastructure 24/7. We provide end-user help desk support with a phone call or click of a button.

Help Desk

Choosing a partner to manage your most critical business information is a big decision. We get it. Our IT Services team is fully staffed with help desk technicians that are dedicated to bringing unparalleled expertise to your organization and taking the headache and lift from your team. We pride ourselves on being a trusted, reliable, and knowledgeable partner that strives for excellence and client satisfaction at every turn.

IT Consulting

We work with your organization to create a strategic IT plan to reach your business goals.

The first vital step to crafting any solid plan or roadmap is pinpointing where you are. We do that with a network assessment. Our engineer will work with your team to understand the state of your network, its unique challenges, and your business goals. From there, our team will create a roadmap to propel your organization from its current state to where you want and need to be.

Email Management and Administration

Organizations run on email. You need to ensure yours is operating securely and at top speed. We can help improve productivity, communication, and management with a scalable email platform. We leverage state-of-the-art integration and monitoring tools to securely store, manage, and retrieve email.

Managed Backup and Retrieval

If your business has experienced recent or past ransomware attacks – you need confidence in your data backup. What happens when a team member accidently deletes or forgets to save a file? What about major disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, or fires? You need a retrieval system that works. With managed backup and retrieval, your network interruption is handled immediately, and systems are restored rapidly. Never worry about outages again.

Disaster Planning and Recovery

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Every organization needs to prepare and practice for emergencies, including power failures, security breaches, data loss or other disasters. Any of these emergencies endanger key accounts, cause customers to question credibility, and can destroy your business. Our planning and recovery provides security and protects files from disaster. Our recovery solution can have your business up and running again with little to no inconvenience.

Server and Storage

We manage your server and store data, along with patching and updating. This allows users to easily capture and exchange information no matter where they are.

Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Recruiting, hiring, training, and managing an internal IT department is a large expense. Many small to medium-sized business choose to turn to a technologically savvy friend or family member to manage the business’s growing IT needs. Another often chosen choice is hiring one IT team member to manage servers, networks, printers, antivirus solutions – everything. Let our team of experts help. Whether you need to hire out your IT needs completely or need a partner to support your lean internal team, we can help.

Large to Enterprise-Level Businesses

Our enterprise level managed IT services can lighten the load on your in-house IT department. We can take on IT network support or help desk responsibilities, so your team can focus on more complex issues. Or, let’s say you need an expert to add to your team. Tech talent is hard to find and let’s face it, expensive. Let our team of experts step in. Whether you’re managing emails or server migrations, supplying infrastructure support, managing antivirus basics – virus protection, security suites, firewalls, and ransomware protection – or managing backups, RJ Young has the IT expertise you’re looking for and we’re ready to help.

The RJ Young Difference

The RJ Young Difference

We focus on problems before they reach the end-users to eliminate downtime. This allows your team members to focus on your customers.

We make sure our clients use the latest technology and leverage our experience across verticals to better accomplish the demands of your growing business.

We provide a workplace that promotes continual education, internal promotion, and growth to enable us to retain our support staff. Client retention is 96% year-over-year – where the industry standard is 12-15% annual attrition.

We provide one number to call for support of all network-connected devices – computers, servers, security, business continuity, communications, copiers, and more.

managed it services
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“They make you feel like you are their only customer and that’s the way you should be feeling!”

Kara Ballard REN Dermatology

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