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Scanning Services

Preserve your information by digitizing paper documents.

Every business has important data that isn’t practical when stored away in filing cabinets. Instead of paying employees for tedious, manual processes, our scanning services take that off your hands. We’ll leave you with digitized documents and a filing system set for success.

What paperwork is hiding in your cabinets?

Watch Our Scanning Services Case Study

Scanning services

Document Scanning Services

Data stored on paper files is a problem for any business.

What if there is a fire or other disaster? What if a global pandemic occurs and employees are sent to work from home? What if your business grows and you need more floor space, but filing cabinets are taking up prime real estate in your office? Using a backfile scanning service that digitizes your documents correctly is the key to keeping them safe.

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How Document Scanning Services Can Help Your Organization

Organizations all over have warehouses full of filing cabinets, rooms with piles of boxed paperwork, and historic keepsakes like photos, documents, and other memorabilia. As their paper systems keep going, stacks keep growing, and documents are tucked deeper and deeper away.

The process of digitizing is easy.

From one-time scanning jobs to ongoing projects, our backfile scanning services digitize and protect data. Realizing that your data is sensitive, be assured information will be stored and retrieved over a secure system. The outcome will be an electronic arsenal of your files, stored in a way that makes searching and accessing records so easy you’ll want to do it all over again- we’ll be there when you do.

Secure Files
Protect valuable data, like patient records, blueprints, photos, newspapers, microfilm, sports memorabilia, mixed digital media, and more.
Employ people needed for your core business instead of dealing with high employee turnover for secondary services. 
Improve Efficiency
Access files when you need them and get to the next steps in your processes faster.
Save Space
Confidently remove filing cabinets and make room to expand your business. Or build yourself a bigger office.
Save Money
Admin time spent on unnecessary tasks costs money. Over time, it costs a lot.
Save Time
No more sifting through filing cabinets or stacks of paper.
Scanning services

Services for Ongoing Filing Needs

Once your files have been digitized, ensure that you don’t fall back into old (paper) habits with a Document Management System.

These cost-effective software solutions are customizable and assist businesses to create automated workflows and secure filing systems.

Document Management Systems

How Scanning Services Work

How Scanning Services Work


Your team collects the paperwork to be digitized or points us to the files- which are put in containers for us to easily pick up (if you’re utilizing offsite backfile scanning services).


We ensure your files are ready for our high-speed scanners by removing staples and paperclips. We’ll also format irregular-sized documents to a standard size.


Once scanned and digitized, we’ll add index fields to qualifying documents for easy identification.


From there, we load the scanned files to cloud storage, a document management system, or physical media for easy retrieval.


Our specialists are always here to help you continue or maintain your digitization efforts.  To keep future paper under control, we recommend our document management systems.

Scanning services
Case Study

Watch how RJ Young empowered Ole Miss Athletics with scanning services. 

We partnered with Ole Miss Athletics to digitize their archive of over 100 years of sports memorabilia. We were able to provide an on-site digital specialist to help preserve over three million pages of documents for generations to come. We also provided backfile scanning and disaster recovery services.

View More Case Studies.

See how we help power businesses with our technology solutions.


“We save $10,000 a month by going paperless.”

Latrina McClenton Director of Licensure & Practice, MS Board of Nursing 

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