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Office Shredders and Data Destruction

Secure destruction of any data to protect confidential information

The most secure way to handle no–longer-necessary sensitive information is with office shredders and data destruction. And because sensitive information comes in forms beyond paper in today’s world, we offer solutions to meet all your data destruction needs. Plus, our perforators help you recycle some of those unwanted materials.

office shredders and data destruction

Office Shredders and Data Destruction

In business, not only are you responsible for protecting your own classified documents, but you’re on the hook for your customers as well. If not properly managed, you may be liable. The most secure way to handle no–longer-necessary sensitive information is to shred or destroy it.  We offer solutions to meet all your data destruction needs. Including:

Paper: From desk-side to commercial units which can shred binders and 500-page booklets.
Hardware: Optical media, CD, DVD, and USB drive destruction.
Specialty: Casino shredders are specifically designed to destroy cards, dice, chips, and other gaming pieces. Hard Drive Punch machines and hard drive shredders destroy HDD and SSD hard drives.

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Our Data Destruction Offerings  

RJ Young’s machines are built for durability and high-performance and include innovate features to meet your shredding needs.

Desk-side & Office Shredders
From as compact as a wastebasket to commercial grade, these easy-to-use shredders put the power at your fingertips.
Industrial Shredders
These high-capacity units are designed for large volume shredding in a central location and offer fully automated features.
High Security Shredders
These high-security shredders come in a variety of sizes with an array of features. These shredders offer high-level security to shred classified documents.
Hard Drive Punches
A hard drive punch machine provides an added level of security by punching a hole through discarded hard drives, causing visible damage and therefore making the stored data virtually unreadable.
Hard Drive Shredders
Data integrity is more important than ever, so why would you simply discard a used hard drive? While destroying paper is vital for information protection, confidential data can also be stored in hard drives.
Casino Shredders
In the casino and gaming industry, security is a top priority. Reduce the risk of fraud on the gaming floor and behind the scenes with the FD 87 Casino Shredder.

Cardboard Perforators 

Reduce packaging and recycling costs. While you’re discarding materials, there’s also an opportunity to reuse them. Cardboard Perforators transform discarded boxes into high-quality, sustainable packing materials. Not only can you skip paying to have your unwanted boxes hauled away, but you’re also reducing the need for single-use foam packing peanuts and plastic bubble wrap in favor of an eco-friendly alternative.

We offer tabletop perforators and freestanding perforators depending on your business’s specific need.

Proud Partner

We partner with some of the best companies in the industry to provide reliable and secure equipment. For mail solutions, shredders, and data destruction equipment, we partner with Formax- the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of these office machines.

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“RJ Young has always provided exceptional service, and last week was no different! They are always prompt, courteous, and a pleasure to work with.”

Shannan Williams Google Review

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