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RJ Young Resources

You have landed on our resources page. Here is where we provide a download of our past webinars.

Audio Visual Webinar

This session explores how cutting-edge audio visual technology transformed American Baptist College’s communication, collaboration, and presentation experiences. Along with his role as Associate Vice President at Meharry Medical College’s Enterprise Data & Analytics division, our guest speaker, Ed Wisdom III, is also the Senior IT Advisor at American Baptist College (ABC) and serves as the Principal Investigator/Program Manager for National Telecommunications. You’ll hear his take on the partnership with RJ Young in implementing AV technologies.

Download the webinar
Business Phone Webinar

Get More Out of Your Business Phone System

RJ Young’s cloud-based unified communications and collaboration platform enables users to be more mobile, more productive, and share ideas and content through a single system. This business cloud phone system seamlessly integrates all your communication tools – desktop phones, cell phones, messaging, meetings, webinars – into one manageable solution oriented around your employee’s needs and work styles.

Watch the webinar if you’d like to:

  • Enhance customer experiences, address phone system limitations, and save costs
  • Utilize an integrated, secure, reliable, and easy-to-use platform
  • Stay connected through a full office communications suite that goes wherever you go
  • Improve employee collaboration, efficiency, and productivity
  • Learn how AI can benefit your business
  • Preserve, search and retrieve Elevate communications with Archiving
  • Communicate with customers via SMS and MMS from your main business phone number through Company Messaging
Download the webinar
Security Camera Webinar

One Integrated Physical Security Platform

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Tonikos Vandiber, the Chief of Police at Bishop State Community College, as he shares his experience working with RJ Young to install Verkada at the university and how it has improved surveillance and security across campus.

Watch the webinar here!

Download the webinar
Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 10.27.46 AM

Printing, Promo Items, & Apparel for Your Business

Join Scott McCormick from RJ Young to explore our online solutions for purchasing and managing your entire printing and branding portfolio. Gain insights from a live case study with special guest, Will Voorhees, VP of Marketing from Senior Life, to see how to streamline your print services needs.

Learn about our advanced online storefront portal services:

  • Access print, promo, apparel, and digital on one platform.
  • Intuitive product personalization in fewer clicks.
  • Ensure brand and budget compliance with approvals and controls.
  • Streamline the entire marketing asset supply chain.

Watch the webinar here!

Download the webinar
Managed IT Security

Improve Your Security Posture While Saving Money

Practical Steps to Lower Your Cybersecurity Insurance Premium

A conversation on improving your security posture while saving you money

Watch this webinar if you’d like to learn about:

  • Commonly overlooked security controls
  • Simple policies that can be put in place
  • Enterprise-level solutions that are cost-effective for SMBs
  • What’s a SOC? What’s a SIEM? Do you need them?
Download the webinar
Security System Webinar

Better Security with an Integrated System Webinar

Managing Numerous Disparate Systems Isn’t a Viable, Long-Term Approach

Download this webinar if you’d like to learn about:

  • How having one integrated system helps long-term
  • How investigations can be completed in hours – not weeks
  • How you can track and protect multiple assets, people, and properties

Presented by RJ Young & Verkada

Download the webinar
AV Webinar

Customize the Technology for Your Space - Audio Visual Webinar

When working with an RJ Young audio visual specialist, you’ll receive advanced audio visual systems tailored to your unique business needs and space. You’ll hear from a real-life client who chose RJ Young to customize their technology for their organization.

Watch this webinar if you’d like to learn about:

  • Digital Signage
  • Interactive Displays
  • Conference Room Tech
  • AV Systems Tailored to Your Needs

Presented by RJ Young & ViewSonic

Download the webinar
Business Phone Webinar

Business Phone Systems Made Easy With Intermedia

RJ Young’s cloud-based unified communications and collaboration platform enables users to be more mobile, more productive, and share ideas and content through a single system. This business cloud phone system seamlessly integrates all your communication tools – desktop phones, mobile phones, messaging, meetings, webinars – into one manageable solution oriented around your employee’s needs and workstyles.

Watch this webinar if you’d like to:

  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams
  • Update your communication systems
  • Switch seamlessly from an existing system to Intermedia
  • Save significant money by bundling Intermedia with our other technologies
  • Have all costs addressed upfront (no hidden fees)
  • Work with one team on technical questions, onboarding, and support

Presented by RJ Young & Intermedia

Download the webinar
Security Camera webinar

A Case for Verkada

Watch our webinar to hear real-life customers share why they partner with RJ Young and Verkada for their business security needs.

In this webinar we cover:

  • What is Verkada?
  • Why RJ Young chose Verkada as our partner in physical security
  • Customer Case Studies
  • How RJ Young uses Verkada’s security technology to keep our employees safe

Presented by RJ Young & Verkada

Download the Webinar
Document Management Webinar

Is the Organization of Your Digital Files Falling Short?

Is it a struggle to search for, access, and route documents? Do you waste time working with disconnected applications? Is Dropbox, SharePoint, Google Drive, or the simple document module in your ERP not making the cut anymore?

Watch RJ Young’s webinar to hear how you and your team can work smarter with our file-sharing solution!

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • Benefits of an optimized document management system
  • Limitations of your current solution
  • 5 easy ways to achieve full connectivity
  • Real-life examples leveraging our digital filing system

Presented by RJ Young & DocuWare

Download the Webinar
Collaboration Spaces

CEO Proof Your Meeting with Collaboration Spaces

Scheduling and executing hybrid meetings don’t have to be a headache. Our collaboration spaces offer flexibility for all workers while maintaining the same level of energy and motivation needed for essential meetings. Join our webinar to learn more about collaboration spaces.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • What collaboration software do we use & how they work in the space
  • Specifications on room configurations for small, medium, and large rooms
  • Featured components of a collaboration space
  • Monthly service and training information

Presented by RJ Young

Download the Webinar
Production Print Webinar

How to Print Like a Pro

Does the quality of your print accurately portray the quality of your company? Whether it’s a written proposal, marketing collateral, legal documents, or blueprints, if you’re printing it, it’s important. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how our multi-faceted partnership with Ricoh opens the doors to printing options for materials that are critical to your organization’s success.

In this joint webinar with Ricoh we cover:

  • Easy steps to go pro with production print
  • Quality, consistency, and turnaround time for materials that matter
  • Industry trends: conceptual and creative
  • Quantifying costs – traditional vs. production

Presented by RJ Young and Ricoh

Download the Webinar
Security Webinar

Smarter Security, Safter Building Webinar

As crime rates skyrocket across the U.S. it is more crucial than ever to protect your business and keep employees safe. With our vetted security camera & access control partner, Verkada, we keep our office buildings secure.

Learn more about our simple solution to a safer workplace:

  • Single Pane of Glass Monitoring – Gain actionable insights with information integrated across devices
  • Access Anywhere – Remotely access and manage your sites from any browser or device
  • Scale with Simplicity – Add more devices and sites without complicating the user experience

Presented by RJ Young and Verkada

Download the Webinar
Top Tech Webinar 2023

Top Technologies Company Leaders Should Embrace in 2023

In 2023 technology will be more integral to running your business than ever.

Join RJ Young COO, AJ Baggott, and a few company leaders as they discuss the top technology for 2023. Learn more about how our carefully vetted technologies can take your business to new heights in the new year!

Presented by RJ Young

View Webinar Here
Document Management for HR

Simplify Your HR Processes with Digital Employee Management

Your needs are clear: eliminate paper and disorganized shared drives. Get rid of long email chains and constant status inquiries. Move records into a secure environment to protect employees and your organization.

DocuWare for Employee Management digitizes, centralizes, and organizes employees’ HR documents within a secure, searchable repository. Within the DocuWare solution, HR teams can use ready-to-go digital workflows and web forms for applicant tracking, hiring, onboarding, performance reviews, and time-off request management.

Presented by RJ Young and DocuWare

View Webinar Here
Brother Desktop Printer

3 Ways to Get Back to Business with Brother

Watch this webinar introducing our newest partnership with Brother, industry-leading desktop printer technology. We will highlight the ways you can save time, money, and resources through RJ Young’s Managed Print Services Program including:

  • Easy approach to printer management with Managed Print Services
  • Unlimited Printing with toner/service options
  • IT relief – IT team can focus on systems & networks instead of printers

Presented by RJ Young and Brother

View Webinar Here
Security Camera Webinar

4 Reasons to Update Your Physical Security System

Is your security system up to par? Old systems can be bulky, expensive, and hard to maintain. Out with the old, in with the new with our vetted security solution, Verkada.

In this joint webinar with Verkada, you will learn how you can modernize your business’ approach to physical security and awareness in an all-in-one solution that is:

  • Reliable
  • Can be monitored from anywhere
  • Limitlessly scalable

Presented by RJ Young and Verkada

View Webinar Here

Proven Results with AP Workflow Automations

This interactive, educational session includes an overview of how a digital, central, and organized solution simplifies accounting and controlling tasks. For example, you’ll learn how task lists, electronic stamps, and email notifications streamline the invoice approval process.

Some benefits you’ll see are:

  • Eliminate the cost associated with manual paper-based processes (as well as errors and duplicate data entry!)
  • Complete transparency allows for better decision making
  • Monitor cash flow
  • Improve compliance

Presented by RJ Young and DocuWare

View Webinar Here
Audio Visual Technology

Audio Visual Technology

With so many working remotely and most already being accustomed to digital media, audio visual solutions have become a natural, necessary means of progression that all organizations should prioritize to improve communication. Watch our webinar to learn about RJ Young’s advanced AV and video conferencing systems tailored to your unique business needs.

Our 4 main offerings are:

Digital Signage

Digital signage, sometimes called electronic signage, refers to display technologies like LED walls (or video walls), projection, and LCD monitors to vividly display webpages, videos, directions, restaurant menus, marketing messages, or digital images.

Indoor LED Walls

Led walls are large screens made up of light-emitting diodes to display video and any other visual content as if they were computer monitors.

Interactive Whiteboards

Touch-enabled displays used in classrooms or meeting rooms to easily control content from a computer or other touch-enabled source.

Meeting Room Spaces

The modern workspaces for hybrid teams use physical conference room software and hardware technology that enables in-person and remote participants to interact in real-time and makes meetings start simply and seamlessly.

Presented by RJ Young

View the Webinar Here
Print Webinar

Print's Role in a Digital Future

Learn how print is an integral part of our digital business landscape. It’s all in this webinar. You’ll hear from our experts on digital document management, multifunction printing, production print, and more

Presented by RJ Young

View the Webinar Here
security cameras and access control

Improving Campus Security

Hear from RJ Young and Verkada in this joint webinar on how to deploy AI-enabled, cloud-based physical security at your school. This technology has strengthened critical security infrastructure across more than 1200 school districts and colleges. And, you can even leverage EANS funding to pay for it!

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how Verkada’s powerful video security integrates with cloud-based access control, alarms, and environmental sensors to:

  • Send proactive alerts when unusual activity or a person of interest is detected
  • Enable remote access on any device via encrypted access
  • Easily share links of live footage via SMS or email in an emergency situation
  • Raise alarms and enact lockdowns on-campus buildings

Presented by RJ Young and Verkada

View the Security Webinar Here
DPS Webinar graphic

Digital Print Solutions

Do you know you can order branded items and business collateral on-demand? AND, you don’t have to deal with inventory, storage, excess, or quantity limits? It’s all in our e-storefront digital printing solutions.

Our e-Storefront & Web-to-Print Services benefits include:

  • On-Demand Printing: Go inventory-free. With stored artwork, we print what is ordered exactly when it’s needed.
  • Instant Pricing: Set up online products to display pricing options.
  • Print Templates: Order prints without compromising brand integrity.
  • Full Brand and Design Control: Meet your company’s brand and requirements every time! Your online store will be organized to fit your needs.
  • Inventory Management: Get notified when inventory is low and more with our robust inventory management with capabilities.
  • Visibility and Approvals: create order approval rules and view ordering activity and status in real-time.
  • User Budgets and Reporting: Set budgets for specific users to help manage costs across departments and monitor orders with reporting features.

You’ll hear from Lee Company and Vanderbilt Medical Center about how Digital Print Solutions from RJ Young streamline their business.

View the Webinar Presentation Here
Document Management Systems

Join the Digital Transformation. Start by digitizing your documents.

Keeping paper documents in filing cabinets takes space.  Not only that, they’re difficult to share (especially when team members aren’t in the office) and they’re not secure – paper documents create major security risks. Reclaim your office by leveraging RJ Young’s Document Management Systems to digitally convert your files.

Picture this:

  • Streamline paper forms and PDFs into clean, mobile-ready digital forms – no need to ask the same question across multiple forms
  • Route digital forms automatically throughout the organization for reviews and approval – workflow automation speeds up key processes and increases business productivity
  • Create a centralized document database for anytime, anywhere access – if you have one office or ten, your team has consistent file access

In this webinar with Docuware’s Michael Gale, you’ll learn how many organizations are streamlining workflows, enhancing accuracy cutting costs, and more by implementing document management systems.

Presented by DocuWare and RJ Young

View the Document Management Webinar

Endpoint Protection Best Practices to Block Ransomware

Modern businesses face an unprecedented cyberattack landscape, with incidents predicted one every 11 seconds as we head into 2021.  At this rate, cybercrime is expected to drain $10.5 trillion from the global economy by 2025.

Make sure you’re using endpoint protection best practices to block ransomware

Presented by Sophos and RJ Young

View the Endpoint Protection Webinar
Cyber Attack A01

Network Security Demo

As technology becomes increasingly integral in the modern workplace, so do challenges with network security. RJ Young’s solutions help overcome those challenges by partnering with Sophos to provide the best security options for any workplace.

Presented by Sophos & RJ Young

View the Sophos Security Webinar
The Modern Office by RJ Young

The Modern Office by RJ Young

As businesses are evolving, the workplace must evolve. Continual innovation is essential. Tailored technology is critical. It’s all part of the evolution to The Modern Office.  Learn more about the technology solutions such as business communication platforms, smart security systems, managed IT, document management, and more. Find out what your business needs to embrace The Modern Office.

View the Modern Office Webinar
Resources - Webinar Download

Secure Your Data from Phishing Emails

Ready to prevent phishing attacks and malware?

Arm your users with the knowledge to spot and prevent threats. Learn how these scams work and what you can do to provide good cyber-security health to your organization.

Presented by Sophos

View the Cyber Security Webinar
digital mailroom solutions

Gain Control Over Your Email

Ready to take control of your day?

Free your mind, as well as your time, by using software that allows you to store, access, organize, search emails and attachments, and more- solely from within your email.

Presented by DocuWare

View the Email Software Webinar
document management system

Employee Records at Your Fingertips

Want to do more with your personnel processes?

Learn why so many companies utilize software to improve HR and personnel processes- from onboarding, record management, employee reviews, and so much more.

Presented by Sophos

View the Records Software Webinar
document management system


Ready to streamline signatures?

When meeting in person isn’t an option, learn how to keep your processes moving quickly and safely with e-signatures.

Presented by DocuWare

View the E-Signature Webinar
mail solutions

Digital Mailroom

Are you ready for the digital mailroom:

Explore ways to keep mail moving through & from your organization without loss or misplacement, ensuring continuity with a remote workforce.

Presented by DocuWare

View the Digital Mailroom Webinar
Document Management

Document Management

Is Document Management right for your business?

From the office or your home, learn how to: digitize, route, & securely store files, accelerate approval, payment, or other processes.

Presented by DocuWare

View the Document Management Webinar
Document Management

Break Free from Paper & Data Entry

Are you ready to break free from manual processes?

Imagine an environment where valuable time is not spent on manual paper-processes and data entry. Learn how that can become a reality.

Presented by DocuWare

View the Paper Free Webinar

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