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Digital Lockers

Ensure contactless delivery of mail, packages, medical supplies, food, and more.

Digital lockers are changing the mail and delivery landscape in colleges, universities, and businesses across the country. Our digital locker solutions will improve your delivery workflow and hasten mail and package acceptance – all with limited contact.

Digital locker

Digital Lockers

If your mailroom gets inundated with mail and packages, or you’re looking for a more efficient way to enable contactless delivery and pickups – we have your solution with digital lockers. With digital lockers, the average delivery time is 23 seconds per package. This improves pickup times by 60-70%!

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How Digital Lockers Can Help your Business

From medical collection to food delivery, digital lockers improve and expedite the contactless delivery experience.

Your Storefront
Returns and order pick-up made easy
Your Office
Package delivery automation for team members and coworking arrangements
Your University
Optimized package pick-hubs while ensuring contactless and safe pick-up
Your Mail Center
Automated package pick-up
Your Medical Clinic
Contactless lab specimen collection with monitoring
Your Residential Property
Package management software for multi-family or commercial properties

Your storefront

Retailers leverage digital lockers to offer customers convenient and contactless pick-up. Store associates deliver the customer’s order to the locker and the customer is notified with an access code. Customers can then pick up their order in fewer than 15 seconds.

Your office

Need to optimize and automate your office’s mail delivery workflow? With back-end reporting tools, office managers can monitor their team’s efficiency and better manage packages and the mailroom .

Your university

Students receive a notification via smartphone and can quickly pick-up packages between classes or after hours. Many universities have also taken advantage of digital lockers to enable contactless food delivery to students.

Your mail center

Indoor or outdoor lockers can be customized to accommodate your location’s needs. Customers can pick up their packages within 23 seconds of notification. Automated, secure outbound shipping for online order returns can also be implemented.

Your medical clinic

Medical offices and clinics leverage digital lockers for lab collections, while meeting fire codes, retaining and audit trail, and even including surveillance.

Your residential property

Almost 20 percent of packages are oversized. Often, this can cause package rejection. With digital lockers, you can ensure that 100 percent of deliveries will be accepted – including oversized and overflow items. Package management software for the building or corporate level is also available, allowing you to manage multiple locations at once. Additionally, offer your residents the perk of shipping their outbound packages – including online shopping returns – straight from their home with these digital lockers.

*100% Package Acceptance*

Our mission is to accept 100% of the packages that come your way. This system is specifically designed to solve all the delivery scenarios. One way we achieve this is through superior technology features.

digital lockers

Digital Locker Features/Options

  • In-house software development
  • Video surveillance with access logs
  • Automatic return-to-sender
  • Vacation setting to put packages on hold
  • In-house hardware design
  • Photographic proof-of-pickup
  • Multiple touchscreens for concurrent use
  • Unlisted resident delivery acceptance
  • Battery backup
  • 15 compartments of varying sizes
  • Custom paint, wraps, or branding
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Modular easy-to-adjust doors
  • Combination master lock
  • Universal access/Wheelchair accessibility
  • 12-gauge corrosion-resistant metal
  • Internal tamper-proof Hinges
  • Intuitive touch-display user experience
  • 24/7 cloud-based video surveillance
  • 100 percentage package acceptance
  • Indoor and outdoor models

We partnered with Healthpeak to provide digital lockers for storage of their tenants’ lab samples at their office buildings. By automating this process, they now have one central location to place and retrieve samples in a secure environment. This upgrade has increased the efficiency of the properties which gives Healthpeak, its tenants, and vendors more time to focus on key operations.

Healthpeak Properties Healthcare Real Estate

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