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Religious Organizations

Solutions for Religious & Nonprofit Organizations

Managing churches, nonprofits, and other religious organizations can be challenging because of their unique needs. Just as each congregation is unique, the solutions to keeping your organization running properly are unique. The more time and money organizations spend on administrative upkeep, the less you can dedicate to the causes that are important to your constituents. From tracking donor records to printing bulletins, RJ Young provides affordable solutions to help with productivity at your organization. Let us provide you with church printing services and more.

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Outsourced Printing Services

Best Copier for Smaller Churches & Nonprofits

Selecting the right copier or printer can make a huge impact on daily operations. Whether you need a copier that handles specialty paper stocks or a multifunction printer that combines copier, scanner, and/or fax into one machine, we can find what you need.

For members or guests of your church, the quality of the bulletins, announcements, programs, newsletters, flyers, event posters, and other documents are a direct reflection of the church. The same goes for nonprofits. We understand how much there is to manage in a place of worship or a nonprofit organization, everything from fundraisers to retaining donors, and you do not have time to deal with printer issues.

We take the burden of worrying about printer fleets. By modernizing your printer fleet into a single and more efficient device, you will improve the quality of materials and improve how things get done at your organization.

Copiers, Printers, Scanners

Religious Organizations, Nonprofits & Church Printing Services

Whether for Sunday morning’s programs, bulletins, church directories, or Sunday school materials, churches require a massive amount of printing. With our printing services you can order professionally printed materials quickly without bogging down your church office, ensuring you are ready for every Sunday service or any other day of the week.

Nonprofit organizations rely on print materials to raise funds, generate awareness, and reach donors. Improve your outreach with custom signs, banners, vehicle wraps, etc. our in-house designers can assist with promoting your brand on a variety of printed materials.

Benefits of Our Outsourced Church Printing Services:

  • Custom e-Storefront and Web-To-Print Solutions
  • Print-On-Demand
  • Bulk Ordering
  • One Reputable Vendor
  • In-House Design Services
  • Warehouse and Fulfillment Services
  • We Make it Right™ Guarantee

No matter the size of your church or nonprofit, our specialists are here to help with any print job.

Outsourced Printing Services

Audio Visual Technology for Churches, Megachurches

Enhance AV Technology with Church Video & Sound Systems

Many churches live-stream services while others present video projection of lyrics. Whatever your organization’s audio visual needs are, we can assist.

Included in RJ Young’s Audio Visual Solutions:

  • Consulting: an RJ Young Audio Visual Consultant will create a vision with your religious organization’s goals in mind, including your specific design needs while staying within your budget
  • Installation: complete installation and service of all AV solutions means you have the resources you need to implement a fully integrated AV solution
  • Training: Our specialists will train your entire team on all AV equipment

Like any technology infrastructure, audio visuals are based on the room size, seating arrangement, lighting, etc. Whatever your audio visual needs are we have the solution.

Audio Visual Technology

Managed Print Services for Churches, Religious Organizations, & Nonprofits

Do you print member directories? Are your print jobs high quality? Do you run out of toner during a large print job? Do you know your cost per page?

We can assist your nonprofit or religious organization with all their printing needs. Printing represents the largest underreported expense in businesses, therefore Managed Print Services is crucial for your organization.

Our Managed Print Services can monitor supplies so your organization will not have to worry about running out of toner the day before a bulletin or report needs to be printed. When budgets run tight, it is critical to find cost-effective processes. Enjoy a pre-determined fixed bill each month with our flat monthly fee that covers equipment, service, and toner for your organization.

With Managed Print Services, churches can focus on members and followers of faith, while nonprofits can focus on donors, and not the printers.

Learn more about the cost-saving benefits of Managed Print Services.

Managed Print Services

Nonprofit and Church Management System Documentation

Churches, religious organizations, and nonprofits can benefit from proper document processes. Keeping track of sensitive documents and data, like donor records and financial statements, can be automated with our Document Management Systems.

Functions of a nonprofit or church management system can include:

  • Membership Summaries
  • Financial Reports and Analytics
  • Contact Database That is Easy to Filter, Update, and Search
  • Automated Invoicing, Emails, and Newsletters
  • Process Online Donations, Payments, and Fees
  • Online Event Management and Signups

Church and nonprofit administrative tasks can be automated to save time and money. Streamlining everyday processes lets you concentrate on the congregation or the nonprofit instead of documents.

Document Management Systems
Education Industry Solutions

Nonprofit & Church Management Software

Document Management Software can help nonprofits and religious organizations transform into an efficient and secure space. Keeping paper documents in filing cabinets takes up valuable space and team member’s time searching for specific documents. Reclaim your office by digitally converting files and disposing of those oversized cabinets. Rather than spending time rifling through drawer after drawer, staff can easily navigate and locate files digitally with advanced search features.

Creating digital copies of documents prepares churches and nonprofits for unexpected disasters or audits. From natural disasters to theft and property damage, document management software allows organizations to recover quickly from disasters and continue operating like normal.

Document Management Systems

Managed IT Services for Nonprofits, Churches & Religious Organizations

Keeping information technology services reliable within multiple, often historic, buildings can be a major stress for organizations. Having network issues during a service, presentation, or program is an interruption no one wants. With RJ Young, you do not have to worry about IT maintenance, uptime issues, or security for sensitive records.

We will customize an IT network with exactly what you need. For one flat monthly fee, your Managed IT Services will include a strategic plan, antivirus solutions, data backups, ongoing remote support, and 24/7 remote monitoring.

Managed IT Services
Scanning services

Scanning Services for Churches and Religious Organizations

Our scanning services can convert all of your church’s history including photographs, memorabilia, documentation, and paper into digital files. Specially trained professionals can work onsite or off to complete projects of all sizes. This allows your files to be stored and retrieved over a secure system.

Scanning Services

Religious Organization, Church, & Nonprofit Promotional Products

Inspire your staff, volunteers, donors, guests, and parishioners with promotional products and apparel.  From pens to shirts, RJ Young has promotional items for your organization’s marketing efforts.

Promotional items can be used for:

  • Church Camps
  • Fundraisers
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Retreats
  • Seminars
  • Thank You Awards for Donors
  • Youth Groups
  • Much more

Promote your religious organization or nonprofit with branded promotional items.

Promotional Products and Apparel
small business IT services

Phone System for Churches and Religious Organizations

Keeping in touch with your congregation is important. Our cloud-based phone system will keep everyone connected via desktop phones, mobile phones, and computers.

Business Phone Systems
rolling hills church in Franklin TN

“When it came time to explore new phone system options after contacting a few different vendors I reached out to RJ Young. Our previous system had become very antiquated and hard to manage. In the past, I had done an install of a unified communications system so once I got all of the details about what RJ Young was offering, it was a no-brainer. We have had the system in place for about 6 months now and I couldn’t be happier. With our staff needing versatility and mobility RJ Young made the transition very easy and they are always a pleasure to work with!”

Austin Lowe IT Director, Rolling Hills Community Church

Choose RJ Young for your Religious Organization's Needs

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