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Interactive Displays

Innovate your communications, whether in-person or remote, with our interactive displays.

Interactive displays have limitless uses in businesses, education, and more. These smart boards and displays enhance meetings by engaging different learning and thinking styles of your teams, customers, students, and audiences. All to encourage innovative, engaging, hands-on collaboration.

interactive whiteboards and displays

Interactive Displays

Our interactive displays allow you to share, edit, and annotate in real-time. With network and touch technology capabilities, our interactive displays work well for meetings, remote working, distributed teams, remote learning, and much more.

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Which Interactive Display Solution is Right for You?

Select the perfect display option for your office or classroom and ensure everyone on your team has a place at the table, regardless of where they are located. When our state-of-the-art computers, projectors, and colorful screens connect with your team’s computers, your team’s ideas flow seamlessly.

Interactive Displays
Available in various sizes from 21.5" to 86" with touchscreen, file editing and sharing, environmental sensors, and integration with conferencing solutions.
Flat Panel Displays
High-definition resolution, images and document writing capability, network and camera connection to enable remote collaboration and video conferencing.

Interactive Displays for Higher Education

Ditch the blackboard- work smarter with an interactive display.

Convert your classroom into a fun, collaborative space where students can brainstorm and collaborate. Our smart boards can connect to up to 50 laptops and mobile devices with real-time, two-way collaboration. Professors easily write, draw, edit, move, and save information instantly while receiving feedback from students in the classroom, or those logged in remotely.

According to a McGraw-Hill Education Digital Trends Survey, 62% of students say digital learning technology increases their engagement with course material.

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With Windows® 10 based controller, you can use preferred apps to connect the whiteboard to a laptop with ease. Benefits include flexibility in content delivery such as streaming videos, websites, and sharing resources with students.

Interactive Displays for Primary & Secondary Education (K-12)

Creating student interaction and teacher efficiency. With our interactive whiteboards, teachers encourage innovative, hands-on collaboration with students of all ages. This user-friendly, streamlined technology is dependable and has everything teachers and students need in one place.

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Integrate your interactive display in a classroom:

  • Teachers are able to access a student’s work from their tablet and display it on the whiteboard – helping achieve a paperless classroom.
  • Serves as a writing board for kids where students can show their work to create an interactive experience, enhancing student learning.
  • Elementary school children can interact and gain comfort with technology which is proven to set them up for success in the future.
  • Teachers can take attendance, conduct behavior reward programs, record lessons for remote learning, and more.
  • Students can view and participate in lessons and worksheets, watch educational videos, and play educational songs.
  • Our technology is always advancing – and teachers have access to the latest software instantly.

Interactive Displays for Business

Work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Today’s digital workplace requires faster and more efficient communication. Encourage real-time collaboration at your office with our interactive displays. Connect your laptop or mobile device to use your preferred business apps with Windows® 10 based controller. Reduce travel expenses and increase efficiency by connecting multiple devices simultaneously in various locations.

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Key benefits and features for whiteboards in the office:

  • Encourage real-time collaboration in the boardroom or offsite locations
  • Includes touch-screen flat-panel technology
  • Write, draw, edit, move, and save information instantly
  • Rotate, zoom in or out, and erase with natural fingertip gestures
  • Use preferred apps to connect the whiteboard to a dedicated computer
  • Communicate and share ideas with video-conferencing or device connection
  • Licensed whiteboards can connect to as many as 50 endpoints (laptops and mobile devices) with real-time, two-way collaboration
  • Available in a variety of sizes and resolutions to meet any organization’s needs
Case Study

Watch how RJ Young empowers Promise Academy with interactive displays.

We partnered with Promise Academy, a K-5 charter school in Shelby County, Tennessee, to provide innovative interactive display technology to assist teachers and engage students. Their classrooms are more efficient and learning is more fun with editable media, videos, and interactive content for students and teachers.

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See how we help power businesses with our technology solutions.

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